R. L.

“The PFA gardening team was here this morning. I commend the professionalism and dedication of all PFA staff at this difficult time.

This is a moment for togetherness and solidarity.

My heart goes out to all your families.

I am a humanitarian worker who has been to 78 countries in the world. I have seen a lot of chaos and desperation, but also rebirth and joy.

May Cyprus and its valiant people overcome the present difficulties so this beautiful island will blossom again. Aphrodite did not choose Cyprus by accident.” 


M. L.

“I would also like to take the opportunity, on behalf of myself and my fellow committee members, to say a big thanks to you and all of the staff at PFA for their effort and   dedication in continuing to work so hard to maintain everything around our complex at this very difficult time.   We realise that you would all rather be safe at home with your families and we really do appreciate it – stay safe and I hope to see you all in Cyprus when I can return, once this nightmare is over.”

R. G

“Thank you so much for your email. We greatly appreciate your information and the efforts of PFA to maintain normal service. We were hoping to visit Cyprus at the end of March  but the airports are now closed to us. Best wishes to all at PFA.”

D. D.

“I fully appreciate all the efforts that you and your co- workers are undertaking at this time to ensure the safety and protection of persons who may be affected at this time.

I have every faith that you as a company will, as always, safeguard and protect all residents and  staff members during this crisis. and wish you all good health and happiness.


“Thank you for this. Very informative and helpful and we're very pleased you've sent it to all owners.”



“Thank you Victoria & Maria for keeping us up to date with what is happening & what we need to do to comply with rules & protect our fellow citizens.  Take care & stay safe.”


M. B.

“Thank you. You are doing a good job!”