Our Team

Ioulia Perikleous - Managing Director

“The idea and purpose of our business is based on our passion for streamlining and bringing property to a well-maintained state, levelling out the impact of the destruction of the natural environment by everyday practises and enlarging our vision of the future state of the facilities. There are constant and relentless efforts in the background from which the owners only see the glossy results. Our company consists of a group of very different specialists who provide the whole front of everyday tasks. Their well-coordinated work and sincere attitude to our customers are always and will be the hallmark of our company.”

BA Librarian and Information Science B.L.I.S.; BA International Economic Relations and Crisis Management – double degree BIERCMB; currently studying at Neapolis University Bachelor of Law (BBL)

Pambos Perikleous – General Manager

“The need for a company like PFA from the point of view of a homeowner is what drove us to start 15 years ago. As a homeowner, I suddenly found myself in a position where I had to think not only for the good upkeep of my property, but the overall complex my property was part of. The fact that we can put ourselves in the homeowner’s position is what has allowed us to understand the needs for the smooth operation of the complex, thus we have put all our efforts in achieving this.”

BSc in Real Estate Valuation & Development

Maria Frederiksen – Chief Executive Officer

“We believe in what we do, and this is why we are so passionate about it. We ask homeowners and Management Committees to put their trust in us for the maintenance of their properties, and we treat this with a clear culture of policies and outmost respect. Each property, each complex is unique in its own way and through tailor-made solutions deriving from our expertise in this field, we do not just maintain properties and their facilities; our goal, our philosophy is to take them from a reactive state to being proactive.”

Degree in Business Administration (De Montfort University Leicester); Marketing Economist (Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College); Digital Marketing Professional Diploma (DPMD); Certified Pool Operator (CPO) – National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Aliona Kakoulli – Chief Accountant

“Prosperity of the company can be achieved through long term goals and stakeholders relations. Adherence to International Standards and Corporate Governance principle is of utmost importance to us. My goal is to achieve professional excellence and contribute my efforts for the benefit of our organization that provides value for money to our clients.”

ACCA Chartered Certified Accountant; Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and ICPAC.