Dear owner,

The president of Cyprus, Mr. Nikos Anastasiades, announced further measures last night which will be in effect as of 18:00pm today, valid until 13th of April 2020.
The measures were deemed necessary as the confirmed cases infected with COVID-19 continue to increase, but mainly because many individuals did not adhere to social distancing protocols.
The new measures refer to a near lockdown, meaning that movement will be restricted and will only be allowed in absolute necessary occasions such as:

1. Movement to and from work
2. Movement to assist vulnerable social groups
3. Shopping of basic items 
4. Doctor visits
5. Pharmacy visits
6. Visit to the bank (where online service is not possible)
7. Family gatherings for special occasions (wedding, christening etc.), but with a maximum gathering of 10 people.
8. Exercise or walk a dog – maximum two individuals together and in the near proximity of the residential property.
All must carry ID or passport and the necessary documentation at all times. 
In addition to the above, it has been decided that:
1. Parks, children’s play areas, sports facilities, football fields, dams, tourist sites, marinas and beaches will remain closed. 
2. Retail shops will close except companies that are listed in the president decree that will be issued later today.
3. Open air markets shall remain closed
4. Construction sites will remain closed
5. Going to places of worship is prohibited.
6. No traditional Easter bonfires.

A fine of €150.00 will be imposed to those who will not adhere to this. 
PFA continues monitoring the situation whilst ensuring the safety of employees and safeguarding owners. In line with the above, we will be putting notices to our complexes where owners are refrained from using the communal pools as the pool areas are places of social gathering and hence do not encourage social distancing. 
Also, following the instruction of the government for movements restriction, PFA informs all clients and Committees that pool attendance will be reduced to once a week in all complexes and gardening will be delayed until the end of measures of movements restriction procedure. Our gardening and pool technicians’ supervisors and inspectors will perform their duties in due course in order to prevent and react to any emergency and accidents in these areas of our activities. 
The office will be opened on weekdays from 08:00 until 16:00, and emergency phone numbers will be in use in due course. Please note that major part of our admin staff will work remotely, so please allow more time for processing of queries and requests. 
We are confident that these additional measures with help stopping the spread of the virus and that people will help this attempt by complying to these new measures.
Our thoughts are with everyone affected, their families and the front-line people who are fighting this.
Maria Frederiksen
Chief Executive Officer